How to check out

Step 1

Click "Buy It Now" and proceed to the checklist page. ▼ 

Step 2

If you have not created a DCF account, please follow the instructions of Registration process

Click the "Create account" button 

Step 3

Follow and input the data to each input box. 

Step 4

Check the box of "I'm not a robot", and click "Submit" to pass the reCAPTCHA

Step 5

1. Click the Shopping Cart and proceed to the check out page. 

2. Click the Check Out button.

Step 6

1. Choose "Express Checkout" if you want to checkout by Google Pay or Apple Pay. 

2. Otherwise please make sure you have filled the Contact information and click Continue Shipping 

Step 7

Double check the Delivery Address and click "Continue to Payment". 

Step 8

Choose the Payment method and follow the instructions of it : 

1. Credit Card 

2. FPS 

3. Payme 

Step 9

Click "Pay Now" button to complete the payment.  

Payment Methods

HSBC Payme

Please follow the below instuction and we will confirm your payment as soon as possible. 

Step 1 : Scan the QR Code 

Step 2 : Input the correct value of your payment 

Step 3: Capture the Payment Successful page 

Step 4 : Send the screenshot to Whatsapp 67704777 and Email :

Credit Card

Fill in the data by following the requirement. Afterwards, you will be re-directed to the third party payment authentication.  


After payment, please keep the receipt or payment screenshot and order number, and send the relevant proof materials to Whatsapp (+852) 55330034, or email to, until we confirm your payment. 

Step 1 : Open Mobile Banking App , Click FPS 

Step 2 : Click Payment 

Step 3 : Choosing "Phone Number" and Input the phone number: 55330034 of the recipient. 

Step 4 : Double check the payment details and click "Confirm Payment" 

Step 5 : Screen this confirmation page to the Whatsapp : (+852) 55330034, or email to

We will confirm with you about the payment as soon as possible. 


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